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What does World Education Fund do?
We work with partners in the developing world to help students pay their school fees (from about $100/year - $500/year) and continue their education.
How do you select students?
We believe that our field partners, with support from local communities, are best suited to select scholarship recipients. Students are selected based on two criteria:
Financial Need: Student is unable to continue school without financial assistance.
Academic Performance: Student must perform well in school as measured by either class rank or national exam scores.
How much of my money does World Education Fund use to pay its administrative costs, and how much will go to the student I want to help?

100% of funds donated to students pay for students' school expenses. All of our operational costs, including transaction fees, are paid for by separate grants.

When you make a donation to students there is an option to make a separate donation to World Education Fund. This will help us pay for our operating costs, and expand our programs. This optional donation is clearly described in the payment process.

How do I know my money will get to the student I'm trying to help?
This is one of the biggest concerns that we hear from donors. We have established a number of mechanisms to ensure that your donation will make it to it's intended recipient.
  • We send money to our field partners, not to schools or individuals. Our field partners are registered charitable organizations in the countries where they work and are required to make yearly reports on their finances to maintain this status.
  • We provide receipts for students on our site. Receipts are written by the bursar's office at schools for every individual receiving a scholarship through World Education Fund and are posted publicly in each student's fund history.
  • Donors can contact students directly through our online journal.
What does World Education Fund do with my information?
World Education Fund uses Stripe to process transactions and does not have access to any credit card information. See the Privacy Policy in our Terms of Use for further information.
How do you select partners?
World Education Fund works with partners in the developing world who are established in the communities where they work, understand the local environment, and enhance students' education and lives. Providing scholarships is just one small part of their work. Our partners address other local challenges by establishing resource centers, providing housing and medical services, or connecting students with mentors.
I know a student or school in need in the developing world. Can World Education Fund support this student or students at this school?
World Education Fund does not work with individual students in the developing world. Instead, we work through partnerships with experienced non-profit organizations that have staff on the ground in the countries where they support students.
I know an organization in the developing world that funds students' education, and could benefit from having more communication and transparency between their donors and students. Can they partner with World Education Fund?
Please put us in touch! The best way to initiate a partnership is to email info@worldedufund.org with a brief description of the organization and a link to their website.
Can World Education Fund support the education of American students?
Not at this time. In the US secondary education (high school) is free and compulsory. However in developing countries there are 62 million secondary school aged students who are out of school. The majority of these students are forced to drop out because they cannot afford school fees.
What happens if the student I support isn't completely funded?
If this happens, we ask partners to provide the remainder of the funding from their funds. If the partner is unable to provide the remaining funding, we draw from our own reserves to finish funding for that year.
What happens if the student I funded cannot attend school, or cannot complete his or her school year?
We work with partners to help remedy any situation that might stop a student from attending school. However, in the event that a student cannot attend school, we contact every donor who funded that student and offer donors the option to transfer the funds to another student.
Can I communicate with students without making a donation?
Yes! We ask that our students write in their online journals every month, but some rarely receive responses. We hope to not only fund education through World Education Fund, but also to help build friendships across cultures. We would love for you to communicate online even if you cannot make a donation at this time.
Is my donation tax deductible?
Yes. World Education Fund is a 501(c)(3) organization, and as such your donation is tax deductible to the fullest extent provided under US law. Receipts are available in the fund history section of your funder profile.
How can I otherwise support the World Education Fund?
Do you shop on Amazon? Then you can use this Amazon Smile link to enter their website. When you do that, 0.5% of the price of what you buy goes to our organization. That will make us smile!
Can I donate anonymously?
Yes. You do not have to associate your name with your donation. Simply type anonymous into the first and last name boxes when you create a profile. However, we do need an email address in order to send a receipt for your donation. This email address will not be displayed publicly.
How do I purchase a gift certificate?
Click here to purchase a gift certificate.
How do I redeem a gift certificate?
Click here to redeem a gift certificate. You'll have the option to fund any student on our site with your gift certificate.
Does my gift certificate expire?
After 6 months, the money on your gift certificate will be automatically transferred to the General Fund account that provides funding for students who were not fully funded before the school payment deadline. However, if you have had your gift certificate for more than 6 months and want to use it, email support@worldedufund.org and we will do our best to make sure that the balance is reinstated. We want you to use your certificate!