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100% of your donations go directly to Shamsa.

Shamsa is a student from Tanzania who needs $110 by July 15, 2020 to fund her education.

$0 raised
$110 to go
The most difficult experience I had in my life is when my uncle who used to pay my school requirement, passed away. I felt helpless.
The moment when I felt proud of myself was when I did well in national examination and was chosen to join advanced level in the combination that I dreamed about.
The happiest moment in my life is when WEF and The School Fund TZ started to help me in my studies because it helped brighten my dream once again.
I want to give service to man by becoming a helpful doctor. I will get there by upgrading my priorities and stop babying my flaws. I will work hard.
After reaching my dreams, I am going to make my family, community and WEF proud of me and help them reach their goals as well.
If I could change my country, then I would like to change spirit and faith of the citizen in my country so that they could believe everything is possible as long as it enhances development and upgrades lifestyles.

Birthday: 2001

Gender: Female

Favorite Classes: Physics, chemistry, biology

Favorite Books: Story books

I Want to Be: Doctor

Hobbies: Reading books

Family: father, 2 brothers, 2 sisters, 2 grandmothers

Funding for Form 6 2020:
School Fees   $110

TOTAL   $110
Funding for Form 5 2019: $100
Funding for Form 4 2018: $375
Funding for Form 3 2017: $380
Funding for Form 2 2016: $400
Shamsa's Journal
160 Entries
Hello Everyone,
I hope this post finds you safe and healthy! I heard many of your schools are closed due to Coronavirus. It is not easy to stay at home for a long time and not going out to see friends. We are practicing shelter in place (stay at home) in California for at least two weeks, then our government will decide will to do next. While we have more time to be with our family, social isolation could also cause some issues such as depressions and anxiety. So it is essential to keep yourself busy each day. Maybe you can set a schedule for yourself now that school is out. Students tend to sleep late and get up late when there is no set schedule. You can allocate certain number of hours each day to do your school work or do some self learning. Make sure you exercise each day to keep you healthy both physically and mentally. This is also a great time to help your parents with house chores or learn how to cook a new dish. In my family, after we finish our work/study each day, we play board games, watch a movie together or do puzzles. In the first week of lock down, we have finished a 1500 piece jigsaw puzzle. I hope you all do your part to keep social distance and beat Coronavirus.
Please take care,
Hello WEF!!!
It's my hope that your all doing fine back to my side am doing well both physically and mentally.Today i would like to share with you concept of human activities as follows;

Human activity is something that people do in order to achieve a certain goal.Also Human activities refer to the sum of all things that human beings do to modify the environment,as well as the exploitation of the environment for the resources needed to survive.

There are two types of human activities which are SOCIAL and ECONOMIC activities.Social activities studied in geography include;population and settlement while Economic activities include;Agriculture,tourism,trade,mining and so many others.
This is what i prepare for today Thank You.

Yours Shamsa.
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