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100% of your donations go directly to Shamsa.

Shamsa is a student from Tanzania who needs $110 by July 15, 2020 to fund her education.

$0 raised
$110 to go
The most difficult experience I had in my life is when my uncle who used to pay my school requirement, passed away. I felt helpless.
The moment when I felt proud of myself was when I did well in national examination and was chosen to join advanced level in the combination that I dreamed about.
The happiest moment in my life is when WEF and The School Fund TZ started to help me in my studies because it helped brighten my dream once again.
I want to give service to man by becoming a helpful doctor. I will get there by upgrading my priorities and stop babying my flaws. I will work hard.
After reaching my dreams, I am going to make my family, community and WEF proud of me and help them reach their goals as well.
If I could change my country, then I would like to change spirit and faith of the citizen in my country so that they could believe everything is possible as long as it enhances development and upgrades lifestyles.

Birthday: 2001

Gender: Female

Favorite Classes: Physics, chemistry, biology

Favorite Books: Story books

I Want to Be: Doctor

Hobbies: Reading books

Family: father, 2 brothers, 2 sisters, 2 grandmothers

Funding for Form 6 2020:
School Fees   $110

TOTAL   $110
Funding for Form 5 2019: $100
Funding for Form 4 2018: $375
Funding for Form 3 2017: $380
Funding for Form 2 2016: $400
Shamsa's Journal
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Dear Student,

Welcome back to school! Congratulations for being selected as a scholarship recipient!
I hope you and your family are well, especially during this special time. We are very proud of you for your dedication to academic achievement and glad to support you on your education journey.

Please keep us updated with your situation and needs. Stay safe and healthy!

Best wishes,
Dear Student,

Welcome back to school! Congratulations for being selected as a scholarship recipient!
I hope you and your family are well, especially during this special time. We are very proud of you for your dedication to academic achievement and glad to support you on your education journey.

Please keep us updated with your situation and needs. Stay safe and healthy!

Best wishes,
Dear Student,

Welcome back to school! Congratulations for being selected as a scholarship recipient!
I hope you and your family are well, especially during this special time. We are very proud of you for your dedication to academic achievement and glad to support you on your education journey.

Please keep us updated with your situation and needs. Stay safe and healthy!

Best wishes,
Hello Everyone,
For those who have just started school on June 29, welcome back! 2020 is certainly a year full of challenges. I am glad that you are healthy and are able to return to school. You may now treasure the opportunity of learning even more after being forced to stay at home for a few months. I hope you find happiness through reading, learning and making new friends. Please remember to wash your hands often and not to touch your face with your hands. Stay safe and well!
Hello student,

Welcome back to school. I hope you are doing fine. We all went through hardships during this COVID-19 period. Let us focus on school again. Hope you follow the rules about how to protect yourself.

Now we all know life is sometimes is very unpredictable. One thing certain is that if you have a good education, you will have a better life in the future. You will protect yourself better in difficult times. Please write to us to let us know what you did and how you coped during the school closure, especially what were the most difficult and challenging things you faced.

Keep up good work and try your best.
Hello! WEF

Corruption is a form of dishonesty or criminal offense undertaken by a person or organization entrusted with a position of authority, to acquire illicit benefit or abuse power for one's private gain. Corruption may include many activities including bribery and embezzlement, though it may also involve practices that are legal in many countries.Political corruption occurs when an office-holder or other governmental employee acts in an official capacity for personal gain. Corruption is most commonplace in kleptocracies, oligarchies, narco-states and mafia states.[citation needed]

Corruption can occur on different scales. Corruption ranges from small favors between a small number of people (petty corruption), to corruption that affects the government on a large scale (grand corruption), and corruption that is so prevalent that it is part of the everyday structure of society, including corruption as one of the symptoms of organized crime. Corruption and crime are endemic sociological occurrences which appear with regular frequency in virtually all countries on a global scale in varying degree and proportion. Individual nations each allocate domestic resources for the control and regulation of corruption and crime. Strategies to counter corruption are often summarized under the umbrella term anti-corruption.

Yours Shamsa.
Hello! WEF
It's my hope you all are doing good,today I have few things to share with you about philosophy.

Aristotélēs, pronounced [aristotélɛːs]; 384–322 BC)[A] was a Greek philosopher and polymath during the Classical period in Ancient Greece. Taught by Plato, he was the founder of the Lyceum, the Peripatetic school of philosophy, and the Aristotelian tradition. His writings cover many subjects. including physics, biology, zoology, metaphysics, logic, ethics, esthetics, poetry, theatre, music, rhetoric, psychology, linguistics, economics, politics, and government. Aristotle provided a complex synthesis of the various philosophies existing prior to him. It was above all from his teachings that the West inherited its intellectual lexicon, as well as problems and methods of inquiry. As a result, his philosophy has exerted a unique influence on almost every form of knowledge in the West and it continues to be a subject of contemporary philosophers.
Virtually all subsequent Western philosophy, Islamic philosophy, Christian philosophy and pre-Enlightenment science (see List of writers influenced by Aristotle)
Little is known about his life. Aristotle was born in the city of Stagira in Northern Greece. His father, Nicomachus, died when Aristotle was a child, and he was brought up by a guardian. At seventeen or eighteen years of age he joined Plato's Academy in Athens and remained there until the age of thirty-seven (c. 347 BC).Shortly after Plato died, Aristotle left Athens and, at the request of Philip II of Macedon, tutored Alexander the Great beginning in 343 BC.He established a library in the Lyceum which helped him to produce many of his hundreds of books on papyrus scrolls. Though Aristotle wrote many elegant treatises and dialogues for publication, only around a third of his original output has survived, none of it intended for publication.

Aristotle's views on physical science profoundly shaped medieval scholarship. Their influence extended from Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages into the Renaissance, and were not replaced systematically until the Enlightenment and theories such as classical mechanics. Some of Aristotle's zoological observations found in his biology, such as on the hectocotyl (reproductive) arm of the octopus, were disbelieved until the 19th century. His works contain the earliest known formal study of logic, studied by medieval scholars such as Peter Abelard and John Buridan. Aristotle's influence on logic also continued well into the 19th century.

He influenced Islamic thought during the Middle Ages, as well as Christian theology, especially the Neoplatonism of the Early Church and the scholastic tradition of the Catholic Church. Aristotle was revered among medieval Muslim scholars as "The First Teacher" and among medieval Christians like Thomas Aquinas as simply "The Philosopher". His ethics, though always influential, gained renewed interest with the modern advent of virtue ethics, such as in the thinking of Alasdair MacIntyre and Philippa Foot.

Yours Shamsa.
Hello! WEF

The Kondoa Irangi Rock Paintings are a series of ancient paintings on rockshelter walls in central Tanzania. The Kondoa region was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2006 because of its impressive collection of rock art.These sites were named national monuments in 1937 by the Tanzania Antiquities Department.Some of the paintings are believed by the Tanzania Antiquities Department to date back more than 50,000 years, though the paintings are generally dated at 2,000 years old.The paintings depict elongated people, animals, and hunting scenes. Older paintings are generally red and associated with hunter-gatherers, but they are often superimposed by the more recent 'late white' paintings of agro-pastoralists.These paintings span the Middle Stone Age (MSA) to the beginning of the Later Stone Age (LSA), making it a good collection for the purpose of studying culture changes during this transition.

Kondoa Rock-Art Sites is located in TanzaniaKondoa Rock-Art Sites
The landscape of this area is characterized by large piled granite boulders that make up the western rim of the Maasai steppe and form rockshelters facing away from prevailing winds.[These rock shelters are where the paintings are found, relatively protected from weathering. Today the decorated rockshelters are used by the local Irangi people for spiritual purposes, including the regular sacrificing of animals during healing ceremonies.The persisting significance and use of the rockshelters suggests that there has been a cultural continuum among the people who have resided in the area over time.

The paintings are located approximately nine kilometres east of the main highway from Dodoma to Babati, about 20 km north of Kondoa town, in Kondoa District of Dodoma Region, Tanzania. The boundaries of the site are marked by concrete posts.

“Africa’s rock art is the common heritage of all Africans, but it is more than that. It is the common heritage of humanity."

Yours Shamsa.
Hello! WEF

Kalenga is an administrative ward in the Iringa Rural district of the Iringa Region of Tanzania. According to the 2002 census, the ward has a total population of 8,172.

Kalenga, which is situated along the side-lines of the great Ruaha River, is one among the historical villages of "Iringa". It is the famous Chief Mtwa Mkwawa of the Hehe tribe had his residence. He fought the German colonial expansion during the colonial era. He had his by then small village Kalenga fortified by a wall that run 5 km around the village, and it was 4 meters high. The town was stormed by a German force in 1894, the fortifications destroyed. Mkwawa continued to resist until 1897 when he was finally hunted down by the Germans and committed suicide. His head was cut off and sent to Germany but returned in 1956. The skull is on display in a small museum in Kalenga.

His brother Chambila who was given the name after his heroics during a battle fought alongside him to his last breath. The name was given to him as gratitude by the people for the many Germans he fought. It is a traditional name which means "Shujaa" in Swahili and "Warrior" in English. Mkwawa and his brother are the descendants of a once traveler from the North whose name was "Myinga" a traditional name meaning "A traveler on foot".

Your Shamsa!!
Hello! WEF
Do you know what is friendship?
Friendship is a relationship of mutual affection between people.It is a stronger form of interpersonal bond than an association, and has been studied in academic fields such as communication, sociology, social psychology, anthropology, and philosophy. Various academic theories of friendship have been proposed, including social exchange theory, equity theory, relational dialectics, and attachment styles.

Although there are many forms of friendship, some of which may vary from place to place, certain characteristics are present in many types of such bonds. Such characteristics include affection; kindness, love, virtue, sympathy, empathy, honesty, altruism, loyalty, generosity, forgiveness, mutual understanding and compassion, enjoyment of each other's company, trust, and the ability to be oneself, express one's feelings to others, and make mistakes without fear of judgment from the friend. Friendship is an essential aspect of relationship building skills.
Hello! WEF
It is my hope that your doing fine,today I would like to share few things with you about corona virus.

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus.

Most people infected with the COVID-19 virus will experience mild to moderate respiratory illness and recover without requiring special treatment. Older people, and those with underlying medical problems like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, and cancer are more likely to develop serious illness.

The best way to prevent and slow down transmission is be well informed about the COVID-19 virus, the disease it causes and how it spreads. Protect yourself and others from infection by washing your hands or using an alcohol based rub frequently and not touching your face.

The COVID-19 virus spreads primarily through droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose when an infected person coughs or sneezes, so it’s important that you also practice respiratory etiquette (for example, by coughing into a flexed elbow).

At this time, there are no specific vaccines or treatments for COVID-19. However, there are many ongoing clinical trials evaluating potential treatments. WHO will continue to provide updated information as soon as clinical findings become available.
Hellow! WEF
It's my my hope that you all are doing fine.Am sure that your studies are your priorities right now,don't ever let something to destruct your good performance,and you should always remember that education is the key to success and am sure that it is the only thing that no body can it away from you.

I know there are students who are going to complete there O-level this year,I would to make them to be aware things do change just in a very few moments before your final exams so you have to be very careful,you have to focus and make sure that there is nothing to make you fail,don't let those four years that you have invested in your studies to be zero,if you let so am sure you won't even be able to respect yourself,fight hard so that you reach up your goals friends,I know you can do this.
Love you all!! But you should remember that no body can make you fail,your the result of your own failure.

Yours Shamsa.
Hello! Mam Judy
It's my hope that your doing fine back to my side am good both mentally and physically,am now in a new level of education and it is very different from the previous level in such a way that most of our time we invest it in our self studies,the only thing to be done is to work very hard so that we accomplish our goal and be able to live our dreams.

And it is true that in every success there is hard working beyond it,And I'll always be greatfull to you because without this fund I don't know where I would have been,and thanks that right now I can sense the good bright vision of achieving my goals and be able to live up my dreams.

The good thing that I was able to accomplish is providing different services to people who cannot afford it,we were a group of four people,we organise ourselves and went to visit an orphanage centre we take some few requirements that we could afford with us,we visit them and we have different funs with them,it was enjoyable for sure,and we thanks God that we were able to make them happy,and am sure they felt that there are some company with them.That is what I was able to accomplish in my holiday.
May you have wonderful moments full of joy.

Yours Shamsa!!
Hello! mam grace
It is my hope that your doing fine together with your family back to my side am doing good and am praying to God that he protect the whole world from this pandemic disease.
Thanks for the lessons it shows how you do concern about our health,in Tanzania there about 20 victims but their under good care by professional doctors,also all the schools were closed to avoid often contacts of the people.Alot of precautions are taken by the government so as to ensure that there is no spread of virus from one person the other.
May God Almighty protect and have mercy on us!!

Yours Shamsa!!
Hello! Amritha
It's my hope that your doing fine,back to my side am doing good both mentally and physically,am so happy to have you as our companion,I know your among the best people in this world.
It is true that everyone in this world has been granted with great and hard moments,The best moment that I have ever had in my life is the moment that I had received this fund,it was the best day for and my parents as well because I was about to be taken away from school due lack of school fees and other school requirements.
Also the day that my four National results came out and I was among the students who did well and I was chosen to join A-level education for further studies with the combination of my choice,i was so happy and so proud of my self,but actually things over here are totally different from the previous level,things are getting harder,therefore more time we spend in our own studies because much effort is needed for to be succeeded.Those are the two best moments in my life.

Yours Shamsa!❤
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