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100% of your donations go directly to Joshua P..

Joshua P. is a student from Tanzania who needs $100 by July 15, 2020 to fund his education.

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Joshua P.
I am 18 years old I come from a family of two children. I am the last born of the family and I have one brother. My father passed away in 2010 due to spleen and liver failure and from then we had mom as our one and only hope.
My father passed away at a time when I and the whole family needed him the most. I was in standard three by then and he was the only support I had for my education. The situation disturbed my life. I felt desperate and hopeless. The disease my father was suffering from was curable if he could find a specialist. The experience taught me many lessons, especially regarding dependency. I learned that my parents are not with us forever. We shouldn’t rely on what they have to give us. We have to use education or knowledge to build our own success.
After that experience, many other difficulties in my life followed. I was chased back home because I had no school fees. From this I learned that I have to study hard so as to create better conditions for others.
I felt proud when I rocked the final examination and became the best in my class. It also happened in my form two national examination where I got the best results.
The happiest moments in my life are when I succeed and make others succeed with my effort.
I wish to become an engineer and I will study hard so to get there.
When I reach my dreams, I will use my time, wealth and authority to lift others from the pits of needs. I am happy when others are happy too so I will make sure they are granted happiness.
If I could change my country, I would improve the performance of health facilities. I think if my father had the best specialist, he would have been healed. Health specialists in the field were not adequately available. Therefore, I would change the education system to produces specialists in the health field so they can provide good service and prevent people from losing their lives because they lack proper treatment.

Birthday: 2001

Gender: Male

Favorite Classes: Physics, chemistry

Favorite Books: Science fiction novels

I Want to Be: Engineer

Hobbies: Musics, basketball

Family: mother, 1 brother, 2 grandmothers

Funding for Form 6 2020:
School Fees   $100

TOTAL   $100
Funding for Form 5 2019: $100
Funding for Form 4 2018: $375
Funding for Form 3 2017: $150
Funding for Form 2 2016: $200
Joshua P.'s Journal
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I would like to ask you to tell me what is your major accomplishment during your break. What is the proudest thing you did you would like to share with us?
Good luck with your new school year. I want to let you know when you reach your goal and successful. Please don't forget to help all other students who need your help to reach their dream. To see you help out all the member of TSFTZ family will be the best rewqrd for me
Hello Madam Judy,
Its my hope that you are doing fine, back to me I am doing fine as well.

It has been a quite while since I last posted and the reason is that we are now very occupied for the final examination and we are now doing the final preparation that intense so we even get minimal time for doing other activities. I once read the article of certain philosopher and he cited on the different journey that we have in life and he commented that it is merely true that when approaching the end it the time that we see that the journey difficult than it was in the begin but it is the time we are required to make more and more efforts. Right now we are making final preparations but sometimes things seems hard and i realize it due to the fact that the end is approaching so I am working hard to cope with the condition and I am sure I will make it at final.

Be blessed.
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