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100% of your donations go directly to Ratifa Mendrady.

Ratifa Mendrady is a student from Tanzania who needs $150 by July 15, 2020 to fund her education.

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$150 to go
Ratifa Mendrady
Poor life conditions is the difficulty that I face. In order to overcome it, I must study hard and work hard at all activities.
When I passed my exams, I felt proud because some of questions were very difficult. Even if they were difficult, I did well.
My happiest moment in my life is to see all thing that I am going to perform are going better especially in my subjects
My dream is to be a medical heart doctor. In order to reach it, I must study hard especially medical subjects.
After reach my dream, I will help my family, community and WEF.
I would like to change my country by giving education to people, especially about corruption and poverty.

Birthday: 2002

Gender: Female

Favorite Classes: Biology, Physics

Favorite Books: Novels

I Want to Be: Doctor (Heart)

Hobbies: Read books

Family: father, mother, 1 brother, 3 sisters

Funding for Form 6 2020:
School Fees   $150

TOTAL   $150
Funding for Form 5 2019: $100
Funding for Form 4 2018: $375
Funding for Form 3 2017: $380
Funding for Form 2 2016: $400
Ratifa Mendrady's Journal
82 Entries
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I would like to ask you to tell me what is your major accomplishment during your break. What is the proudest thing you did you would like to share with us?
Good luck with your new school year. I want to let you know when you reach your goal and successful. Please don't forget to help all other students who need your help to reach their dream. To see you help out all the member of TSFTZ family will be the best rewqrd for me
Dear student,

Welcome back to school. I just want to say hello to you. Remember we are thinking about you. I hope this new year you set a new goal, you would like to achieve.

Meanwhile, remember to read as much as you can. Most of the knowledge you learn is from reading.  Write a couple of sentences a day.  It is nice at the end of the day to think about what you have accomplished.  It is a very good skill you should have. If you have good writing skills, it will benefit you all your life.

My friend wrote an entry to a student journal.  I thought it is so great, I would like to share it with you.  I hope we could work on these three things to make each of us a better person:

1. Respect other people's opinions even they are different from your own.
2. Experience the joy of learning
3. Touch someone's soul with your kindness.
Dear Students,I had a great time when I visited you this August.During the interview and get together party.Alice and I both emphasise that we would like you to start the TSF club.What is the progress of the club?I would like you to start before school ends.
Your first assignment I would like each of you to write a joke. The funniest thing you experience your life.You could send to me through the journal and you could present in your first club meeting.
Regarding the Journal. I would like you to write to us what is happening during your school, what is the most fun you had, your experience, your study.. etc.I want to know more about you and what do you do. The best way is to keep a good diary, write down anything happen to you during that day.
I would liek to hear from you soon.
Hello student,
It was really nice to see you this August when Alice and I came to your school.Alice has been very busy with her work. I spend time to catch the work for the TSF website to put all the new students on to our website. Please check it out.
I am all very proud of you, your hard work, your committee to the School Fund.and you all so engage in the school and help and support each other.Good friend always is the good to have who will be nice  resource you could to have.
I am so glad that you all learn so much from the REACH PLUS too. That is a great teacher and always there for you. Keep the good work. May God with you and carry you out to reach your dream. That is what you could do the best for return. One day when you reach you dream, just help the other people who need help reach their dream.
Dear Students,
Thank you for all your very informative and interesting journal entries. Your writing has improved tremendously in the past year. I am amazed at how much you are learning and how well you are able to describe what you have learned.
We are all very proud of your commitment to your studies and your good work. I hope you did well on your examinations.
Stay well and be kind and respectful to each other. Sending good wishes to all of you.
Best Regards,
Dear Students,
I hope all of you had a good visit with your family and friends.
I've been reading your journals and learning so much from all of you. I've learned about diseases that attack our bodies. Other students have written about agriculture. I've learned about biogas and how it is derived through decomposing biological waste. Some students ponder the meaning of life!
You are all learning so many interesting and important subjects. Keep up the good work. Continue to enjoy learning, exploring, reading and studying.
Remember to treat your teachers, family members and friends with kindness and respect. Stay well and have fun learning.

Warm Regards,

Hello TSFTZ student,

I just want to say hello to you. I know you just got back to school after a two week short break. I hope you are all fresh and rested and ready for the new challenge ahead of you. I hope you prepare yourself for all the exams coming up soon. Challenge yourself to make sure you do better than before. In just the blink of an eye, this semester will be finished.

Recently, I went to several different conferences and workshops. I learned a lot from different organizations and people. They were very interesting. I noticed that no matter how old you are, there are always a lot of things you could learn every day. Never stop learning. Knowledge is the most powerful tool you can have. If you are well educated, it will make you a more interesting person too. All the people will love to be around you and admire you.
Dear Students,
Thank you for all your interesting and very informative journal writings. I've enjoyed reading your thoughts and opinions and hearing about your favorite topics. I am learning so much from all of you!!
I have read about your studies, your future dreams and your promises to study hard and to do your best work this year.
If you need help, talk with your teachers. They want you to be successful and to achieve your personal goals. We are very proud of you and we want you to be healthy, and feel safe and comfortable at school. Please let us know if we can help you in anyway. We want you to be happy and to achieve your dreams.
We are looking forward to hearing from you again soon.
Best Regards,
Hello WEF students.

The new school year just started. I am glad some of you wrote a great journal to tell us about
the things you did, books you read and family and relative you visited during the holidays.
I by myself had very busy holidays, I went to Hawaii and Disney World.
I like seat at the beach look the ocean and waves. Sometimes the ocean waves could be very strong.
especially at night, it could be very scary. During the day time when sun sine on it. It is very beautiful,
Hawaii the ocean usually very warm in December.
Disney world has a lot ride and shows. Some is so fast I usually don't like to ride it.

The new coming school year I would like all to you set your goal and work hard on it.
When you have extra time go to computer centre study from REACH PLUS.
You all know if you want to have a better life at future only way to get there if you have a good education.
I wish all of one day be able to go to the University.
Dear Ratifa,
We are praying for you and hoping you stay healthy and do well. I know you studied hard and were well prepared for your exams. We are happy that your appreciate your education and the opportunities you have had as a result of TSF. We care about you and want you to achieve your dreams.
We hope you have a good break with your family. Remember to read and continue to write in your journal.
Be respectful and kind to your family and friends.
Best Regards,
Hello Judy,
It's my hope your fine.I am really fine,together with my studies and other activities.I thank God I am now nearly to complete Ordinary Level. Soon on Monday 5th November 2018 I am going to seat for my final examination it is my wish performing better.I really give you great thanks for your help since 2016 it was like a dream but it couldn't happen without your support you showed me the way how to reach my goals.It's my prayer to God to help you for your kindness because my God helps those who help others.Hopely He will protect you in your ways let my God give you everlasting life and let Him reign in your life be blessed in Jesus name I will never forget you in my entire life wishing you all the best in your life.
Dear Students,
The semester is going by quickly!! Exams and graduation is approaching!
I have enjoyed reading your journal entries. You've shared your studies, books, travel experiences and your family lives with me. I feel honored to hear from you.
Your semester ends soon and I know you are studying hard. Many of you will be taking your National exams and graduation is soon. I am sending you best wishes on your exams. Please let me know how you are doing.
Best Regards,
Hello Judy,
It is long time since I have posted a journal to you,but I believe in Jesus your fine and your doing better in all your activities.
My final examination are nearby and I believe that I am going to do better. I n my holiday I shall be helping my parents in different activities especially cultivating crops.In this week we are preparing different things for the graduation that will be conducted on 26th October 2018.I want to invite you madam I wish you all the best.
Hello how are you!
Time went by very quickly this school year. It is only one more month this semester will be end. I know very soon you will be at your final exam. Some of you will be at your National exam. I wish all you the best. Remember MMM, try you best, only you could make you dream come true. Let me know what is your plan during your long break.
I hope you find the time to read.
Hello Ratifa,
I am so happy to hear from you! I am pleased to hear you are studying hard and preparing for your final exam in November. We are glad that your teacher encouraging you and helping you prepare for your final exam.If you are well prepared you will be more confident when you take your final exams. We are proud of you and the good work you are doing at school. Being well educated will help you achieve your future goals.
Stay well and enjoy yourself.
Best Regards,
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