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100% of your donations go directly to Grace.

Grace is a student from Tanzania who is fully funded for this school year! Fund another student here.

$250 raised
$0 to go
Class rank: 6/112
I live with my mother only since I was one year old because my father and my mother were separated. Since the day I started to live with my mother, our life became difficult because my mother is just a peasant. She can’t afford to buy all the basics for her children, including school fees. My uncle helped my mother, but he is also just a regular peasant, so he can’t provide us with all the basic needs.

My dream is to become a doctor and I will succeed by working hard in my studies. My happiest moment in my life will be when I fulfill my dream of becoming a doctor. Also two years from now I will be already completed my advanced level studies and joining in the University.
When I become a doctor I want to give back to the community and The School Fund by building dispensaries so that I can treat needy people who cannot afford expensive hospitals.

Birthday: 1999

Gender: Female

Favorite Classes: Chemistry, Biology, Physics

Favorite Books: Story books

I Want to Be: Doctor

Hobbies: Cooking, Reading, Praying

Family: mother, 2 brothers, 2 sisters, 1 grandfather, 1 grandmother

Funding for second year (250) 2019:
Direct Costs   $250

TOTAL   $250
Funding for first year (250) 2018: $250
Funding for Form 6 2017: $200
Funding for Form 5 2016: $200
Grace's Journal
62 Entries
Dear Students,I had a great time when I visited you this August.During the interview and get together party.Alice and I both emphasise that we would like you to start the TSF club.What is the progress of the club?I would like you to start before school ends.
Your first assignment I would like each of you to write a joke. The funniest thing you experience your life.You could send to me through the journal and you could present in your first club meeting.
Regarding the Journal. I would like you to write to us what is happening during your school, what is the most fun you had, your experience, your study.. etc.I want to know more about you and what do you do. The best way is to keep a good diary, write down anything happen to you during that day.
I would liek to hear from you soon.
Hello dear student
today i want to share with you about Speciation which is the process whereby new species arise from pre-existing ones . There are several factors which lead to speciation which are mutation, genetic recombination , natural selection and reproduction isolation . Mutation is the change in the structure, arrangement, and number of chromosomes, this can lead to speciation if mutation occur in good way, and if genetic recombination occur in a good manner will lead to a speciation.
Thats all i want to share with you
Says Grace
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