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100% of your donations go directly to Yusuph Jailos.

Yusuph Jailos is a student from Tanzania who is fully funded for this school year! Fund another student here.

$150 raised
$0 to go
Yusuph Jailos
In the future, I want to be a doctor. My most difficult experience is when my parents separated. The only thing I learned from it is that one has to struggle in order to succeed, without depending on any other person. The happiest moment in my life is when I had got a chance to join the School Fund organization.

In order to accomplish my dream, I have to study hard and perform well in my studies. I want to be a doctor (a midwife) because I want to save women's lives when they give birth.

Birthday: 2002

Gender: Male

Family: father, mother, 1 grandfather, 1 grandmother

Funding for Form 4 2020:
Tuition, Exams, Uniform   $150

TOTAL   $150
Funding for Form 3 2019: $100
Funding for Form 2 2018: $220
Yusuph Jailos's Journal
90 Entries
Dear Student,

Welcome back to school! Congratulations for being selected as a scholarship recipient!
I hope you and your family are well, especially during this special time. We are very proud of you for your dedication to academic achievement and glad to support you on your education journey.

Please keep us updated with your situation and needs. Stay safe and healthy!

Best wishes,
I hope you are all fine back to me I am fine also, to day I would like to share with you about the concept of USES OF X RAYS.
The most common form of X-ray used is X-ray radiography, which can be used to help detect or diagnose:

Bone fractures
Infections (such as pneumonia)
Calcifications (like kidney stones or vascular calcifications)
Some tumors
Arthritis in joints
Bone loss (such as osteoporosis)
Dental issues
Heart problems (such as congestive heart failure)
Blood vessel blockages
Digestive problems
Foreign objects (such as items swallowed by children)

ALL THE BEST.............................................
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