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100% of your donations go directly to Loveness Christian.

Loveness Christian is a student from Tanzania who needs $250 by October 30, 2020 to fund her education.

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$250 to go
Loveness Christian
The most difficult experiences I had in my life been when I was in primary school class five. I used to sell roughages with my mom so we can get money for food and other needs. Sometimes I even skipped school because my mom's health was not that good.

What I learnt from that is whatever the situation I pass through in life I have to struggle push myself forward without giving up so that I can achieve what I have been dreaming.

The moment when I felt proud of myself was when I passed the o-level national examination that was a moment I won't forget in my life because I didn't have enough time to concentrate in my studies but I tried a lot to hustle to put my strengths together and say to myself that everything that happed to my life was a lesson that will make me a great person because I was created for a purpose and I have to work on it. Thanks God I passed.

The happiest moment in my life was when I was selected as a tsf student I knew that I will be able to study comfortably to reach my dreams.

My dream is to become a nutritional counselor and it is very important to me that I believe that I am here in the world for a purpose that what I dream is the reason I live. This is why I study and hustle for better future. I am studying hard on different concepts concerned with it and make sure that I become the real one in the community as well as the world.

After reaching my dream, I am going to make sure that I support my family economically and be able to solve the malnutrition problem in my community by cooperating effectively with people also I will make sure that I stand and testify that I am the product of WEF that the fund is a means of success to students to meet their dreams also I will encourage other students to take what they have been given to their heart and not for granted.

If I have power to change my country I would like to change the eating habit of people, how could they prevent malnutrition and how could they maintain their nutritional status because health is wealth and it is determined with what we eat that way people in the country will be able to perform their activities hence high productivity which raise the economy of a country.

Birthday: 1998

Gender: Female

Favorite Classes: Psychology, textile design

Favorite Books: story books, psychology books

I Want to Be: nutritional counselor

Hobbies: movies, singing, reading

Family: father, mother, 2 brothers, 2 sisters, 1 grandfather, 1 grandmother

Funding for second year 2020:
Direct Costs   $250

TOTAL   $250
Funding for first year 2019: $250
Funding for Form 6 2018: $150
Funding for Form 5 2017: $100
Loveness Christian's Journal
69 Entries
hello sister loveness.
i hope your fine back to my side i'm so happy and continue well with my activities.
for sure i miss you ,your company and everything from you.
for now i'm form four student and it my lasy year at iringa girls .
thank you
Hi family,
Am happy that am doing good and hope you do too,something came to my mind
and I want to share with you it's all about thinking positively.Many people
see themselves as losers think that they dont have capability of achieving
something and being successful that's how they think negatively
without knowing that they are just destroying themselves they
continue to be losers but am pretty sure that humans are the most
luck livingthings than other animals because God give us something
special that is a mind that can think wide and create things that a lion can't
thats why there are many professionals in the world. But are all people professionals
You can say the answer is no but I can say we all professionals of every kind and no one is the same as others but a weird thing is that many people think professionals are those creating planes,cars and railways
without thinking that they are also.This is how people think negatively.
How can we think positively?
We have to know who we are, what is our value, we are here in the world for what reason and how to live
according to the reason it is simple every person has a purpose in this world we have to believe on ourselves, be confident, creating a positive mind that we are all professionals and put much efforts
In working on a purpose.
Be well.
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