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100% of your donations go directly to Nice Samweli.

Nice Samweli is a student from Tanzania who needs $100 by January 30, 2021 to fund her education.

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$100 to go
Nice Samweli
I am 15 years old and I come from a family of two people. To me, the most difficult thing I had overcome is that I have missed a father's love. This is very difficult for me because I wish it to have a father in my life. I have my motherís love. This has taught me that women are strong and able to change the world. My mother didn't lose hope. Instead she raised me up and I'm going to be a strong woman. The happiest part of my life is that I am still going on with my education. I am determined to become a doctor. The way to get there is by working hard. When I am a doctor, I will help my family economically, and the community at large, and also TSFTZ and World Education Fund.

Birthday: 2003

Gender: Female

Family: mother, 1 grandfather, 1 grandmother

Funding for Form 4 2021:
Tuition, Exams, Uniform   $100

TOTAL   $100
Funding for Form 3 2020: $100
Funding for form 2 2019: $100
Nice Samweli's Journal
122 Entries
Dear school fund students

Thank you for writing back to me.

Many of you told me that you have to work really hard thIs past month. You have my sympathy. I remember when I was at your age, I had to work very hard also. Nothing is easy, right? You will feel so good knowing that you have done the best you can.

Some of you have to spend hours on the bus. Can you try to get some rest during the trip? Or the bus is very full?

I stay at home most of the time. But recently I have been able to work in a museum garden twice a week. The museum closed from March through May. The plants in the garden grew so much during that time. So I need to cut back quite a bit of the bushes and trim the trees. Also the weeds need to be cleaned out. I like it. I get to stay outside.

I know August is also hard for you. Hopefully the new semester starting in September will be much easier.

Good luck in your test and stay safe.

Until next time,
the world edu fund
today i want to wish you a happy and fine friday ever with fine weekeend dear friends,sisters ,and every one
i love you all dears byee
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