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100% of your donations go directly to Catherine Sadoki.

Catherine Sadoki is a student from Tanzania who needs $150 by January 30, 2021 to fund her education.

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$150 to go
Catherine Sadoki
I live with my mother and my young sister. The moment that I felt proud of myself was when I passed the standard 7 national exam. The most difficult experience in my life was when my father did not have money for me to go to school. What I learnt from that is to study hard so that my young sister does not experience the same thing.

To me, my happiest moments were when my young sister was born and also was when I was chosen to join The School Fund. My dream is to become a doctor and I will study hard so that I reach it.

Birthday: 2005

Gender: Female

Family: mother, 1 brother, 1 sister, 1 grandfather, 2 grandmothers

Funding for Form 4 2021:
Tuition, Exams, Uniform   $150

TOTAL   $150
Funding for Form 3 2020: $150
Funding for Form 2 2019: $100
Catherine Sadoki's Journal
367 Entries
Hi school fund students

Thank you for writing back. Aren’t you happy the August exam is over. I know more exams are waiting for you out there. Did I tell you I had to take many many exams at your age. Nothing is easy. Just to try to find time to do something that will relax you, that will bring some joy to your life.,

Recently we had a big thunderstorm. During the storm, lightening ignited dry grasses and trees and started several fires. The fires got bigger and bigger. The air has been full of ashes. It is unhealthy to breath in the polluted air. One day the whole sky turned orange. We could not see the sun. It was pretty scary. A couple days ago, Miraculously a tiny amount of rain came. The rain washed most of the ashes away. Now the sky is blue again. If this does not convince people that global warming is for real, I do not know how we ever going to convince the doubters.

Some of you wrote back to me to tell me you did I very well at the exam. I a, very happy and proud of you.

Good luck in the next exam.

Until next time,
Hello everyone,
It's my hope that every single one of you is doing great and I am also doing just fine.
Today I would like to tell you guys something different, we all go through different tough situations that makes us so so sad, and getting sad is not a bad thing, it is a part of life and if you see that you are sad about something then try to do things that makes you feel better like listening to music, watching your favorite movie or maybe your favorite game and other things like that....just like me, every time when something goes wrong, I always do things that makes me feel better one way or the other, I would always listen to music most especially Ariana's songs, I would always watch my favorite shows from Nickelodeon... and those things makes me feel better all the time..
So I just hope that you will do the same thing when something goes wrong out there, I mean we won't expect everything to go the way we planned right??? Anyway I hope that from now on, everyone of you is gonna be able to go through every tough situations that comes on your way..

******I hope you enjoyed this *******
Till next time...
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