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100% of your donations go directly to Allan.

Allan is a student from Kenya who needs $100 by January 30, 2021 to fund his education.

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$100 to go
Allan Wandera
I love going to school and one of the difficult thing I find in my life is staying home while others are going to school. I am a hardworking student. I scored 328 marks in my final primary examination, while it caused pain to my family as they lacked money to send me to secondary school.
I believe in myself that one day things would be better and I will achieve my dream of becoming an engineer so that I may help my country. I hope to help the needy in the society so that they may also have better life.

Birthday: 2004

Gender: Male

Family: father, mother, 1 brother, 4 sisters, 1 grandmother

O-Level School: Namboboto Secondary School

Funding for Form 3 2021:
Tuition, Exams, Uniform   $100

TOTAL   $100
Funding for Form 2 2020: $100
Allan's Journal
7 Entries
Hi to everyone at home we are well but with few challenges but iam reading. An Element?
An element is a substance whose atoms all have the same number of protons: another way of saying this is that all of a particular element's atoms have the same atomic number.
Elements are chemically the simplest substances and hence cannot be broken down using chemical reactions. Elements can only be changed into other elements using nuclear methods.
Although an element’s atoms must all have the same number of protons, they can have different numbers of neutrons and hence different masses. When atoms of the same element have different numbers of neutrons, they are called isotopes.
The Most Abundant Elements
With only one proton, hydrogen is the simplest, lightest element, followed by helium, which has two protons. Oxygen atoms have eight protons.
At 75 percent, hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, followed by helium at 23 percent, then oxygen at 1 percent. All of the other elements make up the remaining 1 percent.
In the earth’s crust, oxygen (47%) is the most abundant element, followed by silicon (28%) and aluminum (8%). Thanks iam happy to hear from you
Hello everyone, I hope ur fine,on my side am fine and everything is ok at home. While at sch,idid thorough revisions. I consulted teachers and my fellow students whenever i felt to understand anything .I did all the assignments that were given by the teachers.we had already did the exams and we were expecting the results to be out soon. Unfortunately,coronavirus disease arose whereby we were advised to stay home until the situation calm down.i want to share with u a topic in business studies known as demand and supply.the law of demand states that, other factors remains constant the lower the price of the commodity,the more it will be bought and when the price is high less will be bought.at home,high level of hygiene has been maintained so that we should not encounter such kind of disease.i highly appreciate u for your support, be blessed
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