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100% of your donations go directly to Isaac.

Isaac is a student from Kenya who needs $100 by January 30, 2021 to fund his education.

$0 raised
$100 to go
I stay with my mother only. Life has not been simple after the death of my father. Going to school is difficult as there is no money for the school uniform, books, shoes and the school fees. I wore old clothes to school and felt ashamed before others all the time.
I am a hardworking student with a lot of focuses to achieve my dreams of becoming an electronic engineer so that I may do good work for people to avoid continuing fire accidents due to poor wiring. I also want to build school so that the needy may have access to education. I scored 314 marks in my primary national examination.

Birthday: 2002

Gender: Male

Family: mother, 2 brothers, 1 sister, 1 grandfather

Funding for Form 3 2021:
Tuition, Exams, Uniform   $100

TOTAL   $100
Funding for Form 2 2020: $100
Isaac's Journal
5 Entries
Hallo i hope you are well.
I miss you all meteorology
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nowcasting. In this time range it is possible to forecast smaller features such as individual showers and thunderstorms with reasonable accuracy, as well as other features too small to be resolved by a computer model. A human given the latest radar, satellite and observational data will be able to make a better analysis of the small scale features present and so will be able to make a more accurate forecast for the following few hours. However, there are now expert systems using those data and mesoscale numerical model to make better extrapolation, including evolution of those features in time. Accuweather is known for a Minute-Cast, which is a minute-by-minute precipitation forecast for the next two hours
geopotential height prediction from a numerical weather prediction model
In the past, the human forecaster was responsible for generating the entire weather forecast based upon available observations. Today, human input is generally confined to choosing a model based on various parameters, such as model biases and performance. Using a consensus of forecast models, as well as ensemble members of the various models, can help reduce forecast error. However, regardless how small the average error becomes with any individual system, large errors within any particular piece of guidance are still possible on any given model run. Humans are required to interpret the model data into weather forecasts that are understandable to the end user. Humans can use knowledge of local effects that may be too small in size to be resolved by the model to add information to the forecast. While increasing accuracy of forecast models implies that humans may no longer be needed in the forecast process at some point in the future, there is currently still a need for human intervention.
Analog technique
The analog technique is a complex way of making a forecast, requiring the forecaster to remember a previous weather event that is expected to be mimicked by an upcoming event. What makes it a difficult technique to use is that there is rarely a perfect analog for an event in the future. Some call this type of forecasting pattern recognition. It remains a useful method of observing rainfall over data voids such as oceans, as well as the forecasting of precipitation amounts and distribution in the future. A similar technique is used in medium range forecasting, which is known as teleconnections, when systems in other locations are used to help pin down the location of another system within the surrounding regime. An example of teleconnections are by using El NiƱo-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) related phenomena. I hope we open school school
Hello world educaton fund familiy
It's my hope you are well back to me am fine and continue well with my studies.
I am returned back to school from holiday on 6th january and
we started seriours learning I am working hard on my study so as to achieve my goals and to do fulfill promises which i have made to you that i will study hard and achieve my goals.
I wish you
Hallo everyone Happy new year 2020 . I hope all of you you enjoyed your celebration and the long holiday. We are back to school now and seriously with our books.
I just want to advice you that be patient in every stuation you find yourself in this year 2020. Life may have ups and down , storms can be too much but never give up be strong and focuss on your goals you will achieve.
Thanks and happy movements,
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