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100% of your donations go directly to Benjamin.

Benjamin is a student from Kenya who needs $100 by January 30, 2021 to fund his education.

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$100 to go
Benjamin Juma
Not able to pay school fees is one of the things that would kill my dreams of becoming a doctor. Life is hard with no money for school fees and even food. After school we have to hunt or fish in order to get something to eat. Then we have to study. With all these struggles I managed to score 303 marks in my primary examination.
I believe in myself and I am looking forward to achieve my dreams and vision for the success of the community. Eradicating poverty is my goal. In order to achieve this I need support to get education.

Birthday: 2003

Gender: Male

Family: father, mother, 2 brothers

Funding for Form 3 2021:
Tuition, Exams, Uniform   $100

TOTAL   $100
Funding for Form 2 2020: $100
Benjamin's Journal
7 Entries
Let me share with you about rocksForming rocks
Igneous rock and Metamorphic rock
When magma cools it solidifies and forms rocks. The type of rock formed depends on the chemical composition of the magma and how rapidly it cools. Magma that reaches the surface to become lava cools rapidly, resulting in rocks with small crystals such as basalt. Some of this magma may cool extremely rapidly and will form volcanic glass (rocks without crystals) such as obsidian. Magma trapped below ground in thin intrusions cools more slowly than exposed magma and produces rocks with medium-sized crystals. Magma that remains trapped in large quantities below ground cools most slowly resulting in rocks with larger crystals, such as granite and gabbro.
Existing rocks that come into contact with magma may be melted and assimilated into the magma. Other rocks adjacent to the magma may be altered by contact metamorphism or metasomatism as they are affected by the heat and escaping or externally-circulating hydrothermal fluids.
Volcanism on other bodies
Volcanism is not confined only to Earth, but is thought to be found on any body having a solid crust and fluid mantle. Evidence of volcanism should still be found on any body that has had volcanism at some point in its history. Volcanoes have indeed been clearly observed on other bodies in the Solar System – on some, such as Mars, in the shape of mountains that are unmistakably old volcanoes (most notably Olympus Mons ), but on Io actual ongoing eruptions have been observed. It can be surmised that volcanism exists on planets and moons of this type in other
Hello,i thank God for this far.I would like to thank you for everythng you have done to make sure that i stay at school.On the other hand,i would like to inform you that we are at home because of unavoidable circumcistance of the pandemic disease.Before we broke home we were doing some examination in which we had not yet finished.I would also like to encourage all of us to pray for this situation and ask my fellows to continue reading.I dont have much to
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