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100% of your donations go directly to Joan.

Joan is a student from Tanzania who needs $250 by January 30, 2021 to fund her education.

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$250 to go
Joan Paul
My name is Joan Paul. I am studying form one at Ebenezer Seminary.
The most difficult experience in my life was when my grandfather died. I learned that even if you have a problem, you have to have faith and trust in God.
The memorable and happiest thing in my life was when the results of the national exam came out last year.
My dream is to be a surgeon, I will achieve it by studying hard and keeping myself busy.
After reaching my dream I will help my family by providing for them the basic needs, and I will help my community by treating them. I will help the WEF by helping those who need help as I once needed help.
If I had the power to change my country, I would change the industrial development and making by constructing roads, industries, hospitals and other things.

Birthday: 2007

Gender: Female

Favorite Classes: biology, chemistry

Favorite Books: biology books

I Want to Be: surgeon

Hobbies: studying

Family: father, mother, 2 brothers, 1 sister, 2 grandmothers

Funding for form 2 2021:
Tuition, Exams, Uniform   $250

TOTAL   $250
Joan's Journal
9 Entries
Dear Students,

I hope you are all happy, healthy, safe and working hard. I can imagine that you are probably studying for your exams. Keep up the good work!

Here in the USA we just celebrated Thanksgiving. It is usually a time for families to gather together to eat a festive meal. However, this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many families are separated or gathering in very small groups. Families are trying to prevent the spread of Covid. Our family had an online Zoom meeting. So we could talk and see each other, and still stay healthy. It was lots of fun!

Best of luck on your exams!

Stay safe and healthy.

Warm Regards,

Hello Students,
Hope you all are doing well. I know you are all busy preparing for exams and are working very hard, and I commend your determination. Good luck on your exams!
Additionally, this Thursday is Thanksgiving, a holiday in the US. It represents a feast between Plymouth settlers and Native Americans hundreds of years ago. It also is a time to be thankful of everything that you have. Personally, I am thankful for having access to a good education.
What is one thing you are thankful for?
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