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100% of your donations go directly to Joan.

Joan is a student from Tanzania who needs $175 by January 30, 2022 to fund her education.

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$175 to go
Joan Paul
My name is Joan Paul. I am studying form two at Ebenezer Seminary.
The most difficult experience in my life was when my grandfather died. I learned that even if you have a problem, you have to have faith and trust in God.
The memorable and happiest thing in my life was when the results of the national exam came out last year.
My dream is to be a surgeon, I will achieve it by studying hard and keeping myself busy.
After reaching my dream I will help my family by providing for them the basic needs, and I will help my community by treating them. I will help the WEF by helping those who need help as I once needed help.
If I had the power to change my country, I would change the industrial development and making by constructing roads, industries, hospitals and other things.

Birthday: 2007

Gender: Female

Favorite Classes: biology, chemistry

Favorite Books: biology books

I Want to Be: surgeon

Hobbies: studying

Family: father, mother, 2 brothers, 1 sister, 2 grandmothers

O-Level School: Ebenezer Secondary School

Funding for Form 3 2022:
Tuition, Exams, Uniform   $175

TOTAL   $175
Funding for form 2 2021: $250
Joan's Journal
44 Entries
Dear Students,
I hope you and your families are staying healthy and doing well.

In the USA students are happy to be back in the classroom with their teachers and friends. Most students, teachers and staff are required to wear masks in the classrooms and masks are suggested on the playground as well. However, everybody is delighted to be back at their schools.

Hopefully, you are studying hard and keeping up with your school assignments. Your teachers want all of you to do well, so if you need help, ask your teachers.
Remember, a good education is how you can achieve your dreams.
Looking forward to reading your journal writing.

Best Wishes,
Hello wef,
I hope you are fine and everyone is fine too. To my side I am fine and doing well with my studies. Today I want to share with you about LIFE.
Life is a situation of being alive. Life also has three parts which are
1. Child hood.
2. Youth.
3. Adult hood. The part which you are sup post to be very kin is your part 2 because it is full of challenges and sometimes you can be happy, sad. So you have to play well in your part 2 because your part 3 need good preparation from your part2 , so pray well your part2 so that you can live well in your part 3.for today I wanted to share with you only this piece of advice .

Yours lovely,
Joan Paul.
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